Disaster Prep


Use FEMA's Ready Campaign to learn about disasters and how to be prepared -- at any time and any place. Visit the CERT or Citizen Corps pages for supplemental training, social media toolkits, downloads, and more information.

American Red Cross

Use The American Red Cross Emergency Preparedness checklist (tailored for North Coastal California!) to help guide your family's disaster plan, or visit their main website for an overview of disaster preparedness.


Further reading

In addition to the Ready Campaign, FEMA also produces "Are You Ready?", a helpful 200-page document that provides a step-by-step approach to disaster readiness. You can obtain a copy by calling the FEMA Publications Warehouse at (800) 480-2520.

More free publications designed to assist with disaster preparedness and produced by FEMA are also available by request from the FEMA Publications Warehouse.


Learning to look for hazards


Review of assessment skills


Practicing light search-and-rescue skills